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What we do

We inspire new product development by transplanting concepts from other categories (often food & beverage) onto your category. It might be an ingredient, a packaging idea, a buzz word, an approach… Our clients love this methodology After 20 years, we know your markets inside and out, so we know how to apply these insights, to grow your brand.

What's the next big thing for toiletries & homecare?

Workshops & brainstorms

Brainstormings, Trend Days, Workshops, Seminars – Helga’s inspirational presentations stimulate out of the box thinking and creative concept generation.

Store checks

Ask Helga to join you when you’re store checking, so that you can brainstorm on the spot and get a fresh perspective. A knowledgeable and enthusiastic contributor makes all the difference on these trips. Please contact us for more details.


Helga is an accomplished and engaging speaker. Engagements include

  • keynote speaker European Cosmetics Forum 2016
  • keynote speaker Society of Swiss Cosmetic Chemists 2015
  • speaker at Beyond Beauty Paris 2014
  • speaker at HBA New York 2013